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September 13, 2009

Drupal Gardens – Dries Buytaert does a camouflage

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vDries Buytaert founder of Drupal and Co-Founder of Acquia has recently announced Drupal Gardens from Acquia.

All along Dries has been touting that Acquia will not misuse Drupal developments, contributions from thousands of developers. While many individuals and businesses asked clear trademark policy from Dries, he failed to give clear directions. Dries and his team kept on cracking down on people or businesses who had Drupal in their domain names and made them look like they were not good community members.

With this announcement of Drupal Gardens – http://www.drupalgardens.com from Acquia, Dries has reached lowest standards of vision and leadership and made himself a laughing stock.

Why is it that Acquia can use Drupal in domain name and sell commercial product while others all along have been told that they can’t do it? Again just because Dries in in Acquia and with Acquia sitting on pile of cash, it seems that Dries has been sold off completely to Acquia with money power and he no longer can be seen as a trustworthy leader.


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